Tuesday, 11 August 2009

Friday 31st July to Friday 7th August 2009

Still moored near Stoke Hammond near bridge 102 - our boatfitter is due to bring us the new front cratch surround at the weekend so we don't want to go too far.

Friday 7th we drove up to Willowbridge Marina for diesel, water and pump out and had to wait whilst 3 boats were put into the water and 1 was taken out. I watched a few of the boat owners practically peeping through their fingers, unable to watch these precarious proceedings!! Once all filled up were winded and returned to our mooring near bridge 102. We've had a call from the boatfitter as he can't make it this weekend and is now not sure when he can rearrange it so we have decided to move on tomorrow.

Thursday 6th - a storm brewing - we could hear the thunder but the rain had not yet reached us.

Monday 3rd - we winded above the lock and cruised back up to Fenny Stratford for water and returned to the mooring - herons around here are '2-a-penny', they were very comfortable with humans so close by.

Friday 31st - We are still at this lovely mooring close to bridge 102 and took a walk today into Stoke Hammond as we need a few essentials and to post birthday cards to my twin brothers.
Stoke Hammond lock (23) is very pretty with roses growing up the arched bridges and lovely gardens around the lock itself, all tended to by the local residents and boaters.
This barge was rather impressive - not sure if this was the name and date or the type of boat - De Witte Seep 1897.
In the garden behind the boat were several very large sculptures including these two bolts.

An impressive mooring spot.

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