Friday, 21 August 2009

Wednesday 19th August 2009
Today we had decided to go on to Marsworth Junction, stay a couple of nights there and then continue onto the Wendover arm to Tring for a few days before returning to Marsworth at the Bank holiday to pick up my brother and his wife and youngest son before taking them down to Aylesbury, but as all good plans etc....
We set off, George wheel-locking and me at the tiller to go through locks 37 and 38 - walkie-talkies on. Enjoying the quiet as I went along, the lock apparently miles away, bleep, bleep - I'm standing here talking to Moore2Life - 'Are you at the lock?' says I, 'can't see the lock anywhere' came the reply - ' are we stopping?' says I - 'the kettle's on' came the reply.
Ann and Charles had motored past us last week sometime with a quick wave from Charles and the comment that they 'would be back later from Marsworth'
It was great to see them again and we spent quite a few very sociable hours on the towpath during Wednesday and Thursday with tea and biscuits and dog walks and to the shop at Ivinghoe.
long shadows at 6:45pm

and in the other direction a spectacular sky!

Moore2Life left us to travel north on Friday morning. Hope to see you both again in the not too distant future - happy journeys!

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  1. Hi Carol & George

    Thanks for the comment, yep I remember our meeting up and your lovely little Molly. We shall be meeting up with Stanley in October when we fly to France for a bit of motorbiking with Stanley's mum & dad.

    I must catch up on the blogging as we have just said goodbye to some German friends after giving them a little canal life taster, but now I must catch up on your trips.

    Happy cruising

    Mac & Jac