Friday, 3 April 2009

Friday 3rd April 2009
We left Hawksbury yesterday - saw these swans on the way - you can see one is on the nest. I think that these are the same ones I took a photo of last year when we passed this way although we could see the old nest about 3 yards away.
Met a BW man this morning checking boats moored on this stretch of water. He explained what his job was about and how he uses a gps to record exactly where we are on on what type of mooring (currently 14days). They are waiting to hear from the budget at the end of the month how BW will be run/financed (apparently BW are the 3rd biggest owner of Grade II listed buildings which the government may decide that BW should maintain which would cost a lot more than their finances would allow) and we thought that BW was all about canals and boats!!
We're currently moored near bridge 19 Hollyhill near the aquaduct and will move on tomorrow to Streeton Stop for fuel etc.

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  1. Hi Carol, We past you at Hawkesbury, found your blog and bookmarked it. Regards Chas n Ann on Moore 2 Life.