Friday, 3 April 2009

Wednesday 1st Aprl 2009
Got back to Hawksbury Junction on Monday and had lunch with son and daughter-in-law at the Greyhound for their wedding anniversary. On Tuesday George fitted LED lights throughout the boat - they're working very well but the light is very different than halogen but they should save on the energy front. Today he fitted soundproofing in the engine bay and that has made quite a difference inside the boat - the engine is actually in hood which is also soundproofed.

In the evening we went to the Greyhound for a drink and watched the Morris Dancers - George went for the camera just as the finished their session!


  1. Hi Carol, Are your LED lights OK when the engine is running? I believe they may fail if the voltage gets too high. Mo on Balmaha had some that failed. They may need a 12 volt regulator.
    Regards Chas, Moore 2 Life

  2. Hi Chas, We bought our led lights from a company called Bedazzled, they specialise in all kinds of lighting for boats. With every light you purchase you get a small capacitor and a miniature remakeable fuse. You introduce these into the wiring at the point where the light is fitted (there are instructions on how to do this). For any surges of power or spikes in voltage, the capacitor takes out the spike before it gets to the light. If the power surge is exceptionally high, the fuse breaks and then re-makes within a second. I fitted 19 lights in our boat and they are still all working fine. We had halogen lights before (10 watt each), the led lights are 0.8 of a watt and it certainly makes a big difference to the usage of power. If you need more info, call me on 07909 902543. regards, George