Wednesday, 1 April 2009

Thursday 26th March 2009 - Happy Birthday George! xx
Sunny today - walked along the canal and into Burton Hastings again today - the flowers are opening up in the sun -




White Dead Nettle

Red Dead Nettle

Ruffled feathers in the wind

Molly meets a pony




Grape Hyacinth growing wild


We're going to our son and daughter-in-law's tomorrow for the annual birthday bash (husband, grandson Ed (8) granddaughter Lucy (11) and daughter-in-law all between 26th and 30th of March), so we decided that we would set off after lunch to Hawksbury Junction - just as it started to rain for the first time in weeks

Molly and I sheltered in the cratch

coming up to bridge 5

that's bridge number 1 the last/first of the Ashby Canal

and we're through! Still the best canal yet!

into the winding hole on the Coventry Canal ready to turn right

and go through bridge 15 the first we come to

moored up at Hawksbury junction and a rainbow sunset.

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  1. All your photos are lovely, I take lots of flower photos and I love them. (and the red sunsets!!)