Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Shopping days

After calling in at Lambon Boats yesterday morning to see progress on our new boat build Still Rockin …
… we made a visit to Channel Glaze where we met with Suzanna and Dave to discuss our window requirements for Still Rockin’.  All we need to do now is to order them pronto; the way this build is going we’ll need them all too soon!

The red sky last night brought us ice on the water this morning!
Our daily trip to Lambon Boats ... and there’s more progress - a bow thruster tube!
For more pictures on our wide beam build click here!

This after noon has been taken up with phone calls to firm-up information regarding solar panels (probably Panasonic 240w), the Beta 75 engine, the size of the Axiom propeller, and a Schilling Rudder.
It’s all go!


  1. Hi Carol,
    Love the blog.
    Im envious, I've never had a boat built from new, always bought them secondhand. It must be so exciting visiting the workshop and seeing the progress!
    Sorry to ask this on your comments section but I couldn't find anyway of contacting you. I was wondering if you would mind me posting an rss feed of your blog on my website? (www.gongoozled.com) as I am compiling a list of my favourite blogs and would love to include Rocknroll/still Rockin.
    Many thanks.
    Mark Hall (markhall548@btinternet.com)

    1. Hello Mark, no problem at all. I’ve just had a quick look at gongoozled.com it looks interesting. Do you have a boat currently and a boating blog?

  2. Hi Carol,
    Many thanks for that. Yes I have been living afloat on board NB "Crossing The Rubicon" for 8 years now. I don't have a blog as such but I set up the website due to my love of the waterways and love reading other peoples adventures on the water. I look forward to the day when I can spend more time travelling on ours.