Friday, 8 November 2013

The final leg ...

Sunday morning 3rd November 9am we left our mooring at Stoke Wharf and approached the first of the Stoke Locks; only 14 more to do so not such a busy today!
 We’re into our locking rhythm with George preparing the next lock as I descend the one above

 Coping stones on the last couple of locks - Josheph Hamblet, West Bromwich, 1893.  
The last of the Stoke locks 
Passing moored hire boats at Black Prince’s depot at Stoke Prior.  Some boats were moored 4 abreast so there wasn’t much room for manoeuvre; I just hoped that I’d not meet anything coming in the opposite direction!

We cruised slowly past a couple of angling matches and today they were all in good spirits, saying hello and having a bit of a banter with us.
I do hope though that they caught more than just a cold today, it must have been freezing sitting there!

Just enough time for a cuppa and to look at the views and we arrive at the next flight of 6 locks
The rather nice lock cottage at bridge 40 as I descend lock 18

Half past twelve and we’re at the bottom with a view towards Droitwich and the busy M5

The only boat to passed us today was a canoe!

Hanbury Junction … straight on under the bridge goes through Worcester to the River Severn but we’re turning right here onto the restored Droitwich Canal
Lock 1and we have a glimpse of our destination through the trees ...

Two of the first three locks on the canal have side-ponds partly emptying and filling the lock into the side-pond via side sluices

Our destination … Droitwich Spa Marina.
This is where we’ll stay for the next 5 months or so until our new boat is built and is ready for us to commence cruising once more.

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