Sunday, 1 September 2013

Back together and in the ditch!

I’ve been rather ‘tied up’ with ‘other, more pressing commitments’ recently, so firstly I apologise for the late and infrequent postings recently … to recap ...

Thursday 22nd August I’m still at Great Haywood and went for a walk with Ann past what is left of the old mill ...

… it looks as if the water that may have powered Great Haywood Mill may have come under this bridge which is behind the car in the photo above and continued …

… to flow back into the River Trent shown here - if you look closely or enlarge the picture you can just see a narrowboat crossing the aqueduct on the Staffs and Worc Canal

I've spent the weekends at our son’s house where hubby George is helping to landscape the garden.  Things are progressing well albeit slowly with a fair few problems occurring to keep them on their toes!
The square at the top with the chairs in which will eventually be paved, gets the last of the sun’s rays.

Back at the boat I take Molly for a walk through the grounds of Shugborough Hall

She’s pinched my seat!
Back at Mark’s and after a long days heavy work it’s time for a BBQ - like father, like son!
Us girls have got to get rid of most of that mound of earth tomorrow!
Tuesday 27th August - end of the day, and of this stint of landscaping ...
Mark is having Wednesday off before he returns to work on Thursday and George is home once again, thank goodness, I’ve missed him.
We left the marina on Friday morning and are now moored near the junction until Monday after dental appointments.  It’s good to be in the ditch again!

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