Friday, 6 September 2013

Bloggers Great Haywood to Stone!

I had just published my last posting on Sunday and was having a quick look at the new posts when I spotted that Adam and Adrian had moored below the lock in sight of Shugborough Hall ...
 … it would have been rude not to go and say hello, it’s great to eventually meet up with people you feel that you know already via their blogs and we spent a very pleasant evening over a couple of (or was it more?) bottles of wine.  Have a great trip - it sound absolutely epic!
 This was the state of the boaters waste area at Great Haywood on Tuesday - why people think that it’s ok to just chuck their rubbish like this I really don’t know!  I rang C&RT and was promised that a message would be passed to Simon (?Lock), the T&M area supervisor.  I received a message back from him to say that he’d been in touch with the managers of Biffa and that the mess would be sorted today - and it was!  Thank you C&RT for your prompt intervention.
 The last few days and nights have been very warm and muggy and the mornings have been quite misty.
 Dental checks done and dusted, boat washed, waxed and polished and here we are leaving the water point at Great Haywood yesterday morning.

First lock of the day at Hoo Mill and there are queues waiting to follow us up ...

… and happy crews waiting to take the lock once we’re out.

A boat in trouble!
The engine has conked out and the chap is hauling on the front rope while the lady is trying to steer. We offered a tow up to Aston Marina but he declined, preferring to wait for a shorter boat which would be able to tow him into the marina more easily than a 62-footer.  I hope that boat came along soon after us - he looked well and truly cream crackered!

We arrived in Stone at about 3pm to find there was no space at the inn moorings below the lock but did find one just above.  We popped into town for a bit of shopping and had just sat down to a cuppa when George looking out of the window says 'I’m sure that’s Doug going past, but he’s not on Chance!’ Thinking Doug was single-handed George walked down to the lock to help but soon saw that it wasn’t needed so decided to walk up to Yard Lock to assist James.

 Doug in action!  Sorry Doug - couldn’t resist! 
 He stopped when I told him that George had gone up to help James down Yard Lock and we had a quick chat across the canal until ...
 … they arrived ...

Photo opportunities!

Olli from nb Queen Maeve had been dropped off to do a bit of shopping whilst Doug steered his boat down Yard and Star Locks but was back to help Chance down Star.

It was great to meet you both even for just a few minutes ... one day perhaps ….
As expected we woke up to rain this morning so definitely a day to stay in one place!


  1. Great pictures Carol! Great to have finally met you both, we hope that next time it will be for longer, sorry we were on a bit of a schedule, so unusual for us! x

  2. Hi Carol and George
    Help please!!!
    We have had a lockgate reflex diesel stove fitted into Muleless - and we are struggling to get it going! We just want to test it before we leave the yard. Have you got any tips for getting it going please!!!
    Della and Gary
    NB Muleless

    1. Hi Della and Garry - we’ve put a reply on your blog!