Wednesday, 20 July 2011


Another early start for us this morning in an attempt to dodge the shower - we upped-sticks from Kintbury at 08:30!!
 A lovely scene
 Shanta - we've been nodding/waving/calling hello with this narrowboat since we started off on RnR, one of these days we'll be moored close enough to actually get to know them
 beautifully unkempt ...
 ... as we arrive at Brunsden Lock - Molly is checking out the name on the beam
 Wire Lock next .. that beam is almost as big as George ...
 ... and a reminder to conserve water by sharing locks.
Arriving at bridge 82 with Dunmill Lock through the hole ...
 ... the natural course of the river Kennet once again - it's certainly moving fast
 The very pretty Dunmill Lock from the bridge - these boaters should have looked down the lock before filling it as we were just approaching as the previous boat left, so no conserved water here - we did however share with a hire boat who was hoping to reach Bath by Saturday and back to Reading by Saturday next week - good luck to them!
 After stopping for water and pump out we approach the visitor moorings at Hungerford ...
 ... and are luck enough to squeeze in - the view from the galley window ...
 ... a nice spot behind Hungerford Trip Boat The Rose
 A walk into town - the High Street is wide and has an ...
 ... eclectic mix ...
 ... of architecture ...
... very pretty I thought.
Not sure what the weather holds for tomorrow, but if it's wet we'll just stay here.


  1. I wonder if you went up that High Street as far as the chip shop? There is a very facinating antiques place opposite. I felt sure there would be some pictures of what you found in there on your blog.

    If you didn't go that far up Carol then do so, George would love the place.. Just leave your purse at home!

    Sue NP

  2. Hi Sue, indeed we did! You'll mean the one with like an arcade to it and little rooms of antiques - we did go in and yes as you said it was very interesting - there were some tools there that we had no idea what they would be used for until we asked! We even had a fish and chip supper later - they were delicious - but beware - the portions are enormous!