Tuesday, 12 July 2011


Sunday evening 7:30 taken from our mooring on the approach to Tyle Mill
 What's that in the sky ...
 ... coo, rather them than me ... this would probably be worse (for me) than the Tidal Thames in the city!
 Monday just after 10 were getting ready to move when NB Petroc passes and pulls in to the bank.
After George (hubby) had finished fishing weed from the hatch and I'd had a quick chat with Gill from Petroc promising that in the not too distant future we'd be in the same place long enough to get to know each other better, we upped-sticks and after topping up the water tank we ...
 ... shared Tyle Lock ...
 ... looking back - Petroc on the bank in the middle of the picture ...
 ... as with most of the locks on the K & A the inrush of water from the paddles is ferocious.
 Padworth Lock a long line of boats for sale ahead of us.
 Aldermaston Lock another with scalloped edges but in much better condition than Sheffield Lock.
 This area is reminiscent of ...
 ... the quiet waters of the River Wey (Send to the beach at Godalming ...)
 Wickham Knight - a lovely modern bridge.
It's after 3pm before we find a mooring on the bank just before Woolhampton Lock and we've not yet had anything to eat since breakfast!  After putting in the pins George discovered The Rowbarge pub, so, because we were starving, and thirsty (a very hot day) off we went for a meal and well deserved glass or two!
Back at the boat - happy and relaxed here comes another one at 19:45.

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