Monday, 9 November 2009

Friday 25th September 2009
We continued our epic journey .......

06:25 a misty dawn at Denham Deep - an early start today

07:20 - the day is becoming much brighter now..
we set off at 9:30 and pass some 'interesting' water craft! ......

oh no, it's one of those gravel barges!! no problem it was only a very heavy wide-beam!
I wonder if this caravan got washed off the land in a flood?
that's more like it

a gravel barge being loaded at bridge 183

well executed mosaic mural in one of the bridge holes

new developments abound
the Nestle factory - the smell was delicious!
We arrived at Bulls Bridge at about 4pm and moored on the Tesco 24 hour stop

'Brunel' appeared from the the Paddington Arm junction. (Update) According to Waterways World December 09 Brunel was a business barge which was craned into Paddington Basin in 2004 as part of the redevelopment but failed to attract sufficient attention and was never occupied and so was ignominiously towed away!
it was being pulled by a tug in front and ..
being pushed by the one behind - it was quite an effort to do that left turn - again according to Waterway World Dec 09 about 30 tons of water was pumped aboard as balast to enable it to pass under the low bridges en route to Brentford and most of the mast and some of the superstructure was cuat away; the side doe was welded shut to keept the vessel watertight whilst on the tidal Thames.

We are saying cheerio to Porthcerri in the morning as we are going onto the Paddington Arm and they are off to Brentford.


  1. I love your photos and knowing where you are, or is it where you've been??
    Hope you are all okay and that you have a great time at Sharon's party. Give everyone a hug from me. Love. xx

  2. that was quick I only published 10 mins ago!! Yes I'm trying to catch up but can only do so if there's a strong enough internet signal to enable the pictures to be loaded!! We will certainly give your best wishes to all the Murdochs and will of course have great fun!

  3. Hi Carol & George,glad you are enjoying your run South to London. We are moving hoping to move to a Marina further South in the spring so hopefully we meet with you again (this time not stuck in Ice!!)Regards
    Kev & Ann (4evermoore)