Monday, 9 November 2009

Thursday 24th September

We got up especially early this morning to take a walk in the park before setting off again - I'm so glad we did - it was a fantastic morning the sun very bright and I was pleased with the pictures that I took. Just a few of them here....

Molly thoroughly enjoyed the freedom in the park

We eventually left our mooring above lock 77 at about 8:45 to collect water at lock 78 where we met NB Porthcerri and shared locks with them down to Denhem Deep.

Pat and Ian are out on their annual 6-week late summer cruise - they are not slow coaches as we are on the canal, I think this was the longest stretch we'd ever cruised in one go, but we thoroughly enjoyed it and sharing the locks made it all so much easier. They are also on their way to London and as they had mention that this was not their first time we asked if we could tag along with them as we were quite apprehensive about the journey into the capital (especially after reading the navigational notes in the Nicholson's Guide about the gravel traffic and to beware of their boats manoeuvring between Copper Mill Lock and Denham Bridge) - Pat and Ian said that would be fine by them. some of the lock-side houses are really pretty (but presumably no longer belong to BW)


must remember this on the return trip stopped to collect essentials and eat lunch at Batchworth Tesco good job he's wearing a safety harness or he'd fall! just below Copper Mill Lock - the current was very strong today - I take it that canoes use this area as a slalom

following Pat and Ian on Porthceri past some pleasant waterside properties before mooring up for the night below Denham Deep Lock.

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