Thursday, 29 October 2009

Tuesday 22nd and Wednesday 23rd September

We upped stiks on Tuesday to continue our way south and cruised past Les on NB Valerie - he was chaperoning NB Heddwyn on what I think was her new owner's maiden voyage (a very good looking redhead). We continued on through lock 71 and found a nice quite mooring close to the canal side village of Hunton Bridge.

We went for a walk around the village and found a great studio who make and renovate stained glass - check out this website - Chapel Studios - we went inside for a 'nosey' - they were pleased to talk to us and show us what they were doing and what they had been working on in the past on renovation projects all over the world. Although I had my camera I forgot to take some photos at the studio but took these of the village buildings.

views of the local church

a very large redwood tree in the cemetery grounds

A once very imposing Langleybury House now all shuttered up

In its days of glory - built by Sir Robert Raymond, a lawyer and friend of Sir Robert Walpole, who purchased the Langleybury Estate in 1711 (see link above)

the old school house

On Wednesday we cruised on passing...

some very nice properties on the wayTurnover bridge 163

Clarendon Park Farm in the distance

and the beautiful Grove Bridge - the Earl of Clarendon apparently insisted on an elegant bridge when the canal was routed across his land. The current bridge was restored in 1987.

we ended a lovely day moored above lock 77 at Cassiobury Park. We got up especially early next morning to take a walk in the park before setting off again - I'm so glad we did - it was a fantastic morning the sun very bright and I was pleased with the pictures that I took.

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