Monday, 9 November 2009

Saturday 26th September
another fairly early start, the day promises to be dry and bright again

We say cheerio to Pat and Ian on Porthceri today ......

the manual bow thruster does a good job!

We may see Pat and Ian later when they come up to Paddington.

I took these pictures of Bulls Bridge along the towpath on the 24-hour mooring at Tesco's.

I'm not sure who is responsible for keeping the area tidy, this is a picture of the dry dock (unworkable) which was created by Tesco's when the store was built..... fortunately on the return journey from London we saw that the area was very much cleaner.

we're now setting off down the Paddington Arm
there are lots of sculptures along the canal made from collected rubbish these have been created by students - most are eye catching indeed!

lots of the artwork are in bridge holes

cormorants drying their feathers atop a radio mast
more art work
a long long line of residential moorings
Molly is shattered!
Virginia creeper showing off its colour in the bright sunshine
the M4 - glad we're up here!
.... and she's hot!
Wembley Stadium
still hot!
a residential sherpa?
coming up to Sainsbury's some nice boats moored here
there are quite a few inlets off the canal - here the kids were having a great time
Elvis - alive and well living on the top floor near Kensal Green!
not having been this way before - we thought this was Little Venice
more residential boats moored int the little inlets

high rise flats - not for me, thank you!
more canal art just before Ha'penny Bridge
Ha'penny Bridge, we moored here on several occasions whilst in London
the church at Westbourne Green
and so into Little Venice proper
a lovely setting
and into Paddington Basin ..... this is really exciting ... off sightseeing tomorrow!

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