Thursday, 30 July 2009

Thursday 9th July 2009
Upsticks this morning and cruised to Bugbrook. We moored between bridges 45/46 and walked into the village to collect our post from the post office - this is St Michaels church.
Spent a very social hour or so with Chas and Anne Moore 2 Life later in the evening - the two Molly's got on very well.
Wednesday 8th July 2009
We moored last night at Norton Junction as I'd arranged a Tesco delivery first thing in the morning - we locked through the Buckby flight as soon as the cupboards were full once again
this is us just arriving at Buckby bottom lock. Some boaters had problems with water on the way up the locks - it seemed that some of the paddles or gates had been left open and they came up the locks to open paddles to allow more water down below; we were told that BW had been informed but no one had arrived. When we eventually moored just past Whilton Marina we met a BW officer and asked him if he was checking the low water and he said that he wasn't aware of any problems, but on reflection he said that there had been a report that there was low water at locks 3 and 4 at Whilton - but of course locks 3/4 are at Braunston and that's where they went to check and of course there was no problem there! The boaters actually meant that the problem was at locks 11 and 10 at Whilton (which are the 3rd/4th locks up that flight)!

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