Thursday, 30 July 2009

Monday 13th July 2009
We saw some wierd and wonderful boats on the way from Cosgrove to Milton Keynes

Are these BW officials making important decisions at the Great Ouse Aquaduct - I couldn't believe that there was no parapet on the right (west) hand side of the aquaduct - I promised myself that I would be inside the boat the next time we come this way as I'm not at all good with heights!!

These canal side-side dwellings looked very nice

This wall was interesting, showing all sorts of transport and places of interest in the area - it was restored by the IWA in 2005 with help from Jewsons (who I think have premises behind the wall) but there was no information about when it was originally painted and by whom.

more interesting boats along the cut before we moored at Campbell Park in Milton Keynes - a very good mooring within walking distance to MK Central. We are picking up our eldest grandson Adam (16) and his friend Tomas tomorrow, they are travelling down by train from Glasgow in the morning - hope they arrive alright in one piece!!

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