Thursday, 30 July 2009

Saturday 18th - Wednesday 22nd

Saturday - Well Adam and Tomas have been safely seen onto the train to Crewe for their connection home to Scotland - and we are bereft!

Graham, our boatfitter came today as well, to measure for secondary glazing - to stop the condensation from dripping on my head from the window above our bed and to keep Rock n Roll warmer in the winter.

Sunday - my godparents (Aunty Win and Uncle Ted) came to Milton Keynes for a day out on the boat - we saw them last on the Trent and Mersey at Trntham nearly 12 months ago. We enjoyed our day - we winded south of Campbell Park and cruised to Gifford Park for Sunday lunch - thanks Ted - winded again and travelled back again to MK. It was so lovely to see them and to talk about Mum and old times.

Campbell Park is a lovely mooring - like most of Milton Keynes there are lots of well maintained grassed and park areas and numerous trees of all varieties - all in all from what we have seen from our walks to and from the city centre and our walkes with Molly- we are very impressed with the area.
This sunset was taken just after 8pm on Monday 20th.

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  1. How are Aunty Win and Uncle Ted? I hope they are both well. I feel so lost when I think of all the family, close and further afield. Sorry to sound down, just ignor me. (smile)