Sunday, 12 July 2009

Wednesday 1st July 2009 - Grand Union Leicester Line to Foxton Locks

Yesterday we cruised up to bridge 41 just before Welford Junction - a very nice mooring. George spent the day doing an engine service and we walked down the Welford Arm to the Wharf Inn for a meal. This picture is looking down the Arm from the junction as we cruised past today.
... and this is looking back the way we had come
... just coming out of the northern portal of Husband Bosworth tunnel.
.... these trees looked very precarious leaning as they did over the canal - but a pretty sight nevertheless

.... the views through the trees was beautiful indeed!

We eventually moored just above Foxton Locks.
Monday 29th June

Passing Crack Hill at bridge 14 - we walked here yesterday - it was very hot and muggy - 30 degrees C - and the rain came down in buckets from about 6pm.

Another new marina - this one is at Yelvertoft.

We moored at bridge 24 and had a BBQ

Saturday 27th June

Found a small wildlife park by bridge 14 just north of Crick Marina - Molly enjoyed a good old romp with this other terrier!

Crick village in the distance

Friday 26th June
Very muggy today - we moved onto the Leicester Line.
Started out from Norton Junction at 6:15 am hoping to get through Crick locks before anyone else got up - this lovely canal side property was up for sale, the house on the right is a holiday let in a very nice setting

we were most surprised to find a queue at Watford Locks as they are now keeper operated (we need to update our Nicholson Guide).
...... not to worry though we had a smooth journey through.

....... and the journey through Crick tunnel went okay too, except that it is very wet at the northern end!

We moored at Crick wharf and walked through the village - lots of houses were in the throes of having their roofs re-thatched - this one was rather spectacular.

Just after our walk the heavens opened, but it didn't get any cooler or fresher.

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