Monday, 6 December 2010

Gooderham Ceramics at Gailey Pottery - Open Every Day until Christmas!

[EDIT 09/12/10] Apologies if the pictures from the website do not open here - just click on the link and you'll see them both - and more!
The majority of wording in this posting has been taken directly from Gailey Pottery's information brochure and is copied here with the knowledge of Paul Gooderham.
Gailey Pottery ..'is situated in the unique setting of the previously redundant ...
... Christ Church of Gailey'
'Gailey Pottery was established in 1980 by potter Paul Gooderham B.A. who, after training at Wolverhampton Art College, opened his first studio in Birmingham in 1976, before transferring to Gailey in South Staffordshire.'
Stained glass windows remain, and ..

... 'The building still possesses most of its original features and has been painstakingly refurbished to create a truly unique backdrop for studio pottery to be produced.' [photo copied from the website]
the studio with the kiln under the beautiful stained glass window
'His work is based on traditional techniques developed over many years that are striking in their essence of the countryside, ... '[photo copied from the website]
This is the lovely plate that I purchased.
'Tastefully coloured landscapes, etched and inlaid onto the surface clay, are like 3 dimensional textured images on a flat plane.'

the old church from the cemetary
A lovely picture looking over the peaceful cemetery in the snow, across the busy A5 to the Spread Eagle public house.
'I have tried to ensure that the quality of my work has never been compromised, but at the same time it has never been perceived as being too precious to sell in most environments.  Thus survival has been achieved and continued success made possible.  This attitude, I hope, prevails in all my work.  A strength in the belief in structured simplicity and an unyielding effort to create pottery that is understood and accepted by the majority but is not only available to the few'. [Paul Gooderham]
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