Wednesday, 8 December 2010

I love winter pictures!

 ... so I'm not going to apologise for publishing some more!
All these pictures were taken on my phone (and hubbies phone) because my Nikon camera (less than 12 months old) has had to be sent for repair as the power switch keeps switching itself off - very annoying when you've got a great picture lined up and that happens.
6th December 2pm - NB Moore2Life in the winter sunshine
7th December 08:45 ..sooooo cold!
everything is frozen, even the galley window which I couldn't open to take this picture
 but it all looks so beautiful
especially when the sun appeared again
interesting patterns on the ice.
Ann and I went into Stafford today, we were going to meet up with Sue but unfortunately she was unable to make it as she was worried that after such a severe frost last night she couldn't leave Vic and the K9's in case of accidents - we missed you Sue, but hope to see you soon.
And for those who are really fed up with these pictures - something a little different.... found these on my phone from a while ago.
I just love this arcade in Chester - even without the decorations - it's so elegant -posh even.
and Molly our 3-year old Patterdale sitting in her new favourite place on the back of the sofa - since the weather has turned and the front door is not left open she can't sit in her most favourite spot which is on the table in the cratch looking through the window.  Isn't she lovely?


  1. No need to apologise for publishing your pictures they are great.It's what keeps my dream of living on a narrowboat alive.
    Take care.Dave.

  2. Fabulous photos - I so regret not having my camera to hand on Tuesday. The frost rime locally was breathtakingly beautiful, and the sunset was sublime.