Tuesday, 21 December 2010

Drama at Gailey

15:38 on Monday 20th December we heard a loud 'thump', I thought it was a gunshot, George thought a bird had flown into one of the windows; we looked out of the window and saw this ....
... thick black smoke .....
George dialed 999 and we were informed that all the services were on their way
..... we saw and heard more explosions .....
.... and more fierce flames ....
we hoped that the driver ..
... was well clear of this
taken from the stern of RnR
the fire fighters are bringing it under control
but the heart of it is still fierce
taken at 16:47 - the firemen were still in attendance in the dark - it was still smoking
the end result.  No-one was hurt in the incident - thank goodness.

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  1. Awful pics - so glad no one was hurt.
    Happy Christmas