Sunday, 22 March 2009

Thursday 12th March 2009

Fabulous day today; the weather has been near perfect, just the occasional nip in the wind but for mid-March we certainly can't complain.

We untied this morning ready to make our way to the terminus of the Ashby - forgive me for repeating myself - but we do love this canal - this top part especially.

a very peaceful scene looking back at bridge 60

Winding at the terminus - spoke with Lynda and Terry Wright who look after the stall at the terminus and was informed that work starts next week on creating the road which will bring the plant machinery to the site (the hard standing for these is already in situ) and for access to mains supply which will run just beyond the hedge by Lynda and Terry's boat. It's not until this is done that the opening up of the short stretch of canal and the insertion of the stop gates can begin.

entering Snarestone Tunnel on the return journey

Nearly through the 250 yard tunnel; the village of Snarestone is built on the top of the tunnel.

A really beautiful canal

Approaching Shackerstone

.... so green

Molly dozing in the sunshine

North of bridge 52 - the site of a motte and bailey castle - we decided to moor at bridge 50 once more.

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