Saturday, 21 March 2009

Saturday 28th February 2009

Upsticks this morning - onto Market Bosworth today.

Molly needs her annual jabs and I need to do some shopping as there is quite a good Co-op here and the butcher is excellent - I'm hoping that he will freeze some meat for me for the freezer he closes on Saturday and Monday at lunch time but is open each morning at 7:30

Market Bosworth is half way along the Ashby canal although it is currently only 22 miles long but the remaining 8 miles from the current terminus to Moira is under consideration to be reopened.

Over the weekend George made a start on rubbing down and repainting the general wear and tear on the hull whilst the weather is so good.

We met Derek and Judy on Firoza - nice to meet you both, I'm sure we will bump (hopefully not literally!) into you both again soon.

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