Tuesday, 10 March 2009

19th February 2009
Is this spring? Can't believe how warm it is - catkins and pussy willow just showing.

Continued back up the Coventry to Harsthill Yard for water and met Percy - he lives here with his wife in the house built over the bridge and plays blues and jaz on both the guitar and banjo - and is very very good.

The house was built in 1790 when the canal was created and was the toll house for boat cargoes - this was measured by the Archimedes Principle - the displacement of water being used to guage the weight of the cargo. Once weighed the boat passed under the bridge (under the house) and joined the canal proper.

We winded once more and continued on our journey - we moored up about half a mile before the Ashby canal junction and had our first BBQ of 2009

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