Sunday, 22 March 2009

Saturday 14th March 2009

Woke up to a fine blustery day - perfect for washday.

saw a boat load of children having fun

Once the washing was dry and the roast was in the oven, we took at walk into Congerstone - very pleasant indeed. A group of primary school children were running round the villages of Congerstone and Bilstone for red nose day.

Take the road at bridge 47 .....

...... into the village centre passing cottages with delightful names such as Herdsman's Cottage, Dove, Wisteria, etc

.... turn left at the church and follow the footpath across the field to ....

.... the Mill House (under renovation) with these stop gates at Bilstone; turn left at the junction to ...

The Smithy where we saw ...

.... a host of golden daffodils!

Turn back to the junction and continue to follow the road (we saw no traffic on it at all) out of Bilstone (look out for the permissible pathway on the left to the ruins at Gopsall Temple) and back into Congerston past the school and ...

... The Old Post Office - note the stained glass posthorns on the windows.

Turn left just here, then right at Poplar Terrace back to the canal at bridge 49. You will have seen the new developments in Congerstone and I think that they sit quite well in the village.

Molly on the towpath when we got back to Rock 'n' Roll.

Another great sunset!

and BBQ number 4 rounds off another purrfect day.

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