Saturday, 7 December 2013

Looking for Hawford Lock

Life on the marina is ok; we can watch the wild-life from the windows. 
We are calling daily at Lambon Boats where our new wide-beam build is taking place and so we’ve decided that we probably won’t be taking Rock ’n’ Roll out very often during our stay here … but we do need to be out and about and as we have a car at our disposal ...
Our Nicholsons guide doesn’t accurately mark the newly opened Droitwich Canal and the local maps we’ve obtained only show the main roads; we do know though that there is a lock at the river end of the canal called Hawford Lock. So off we went and after a couple of wrong turns we found this lane, no traffic access though so we parked up and started to walk.  The stretch of water we came to was far too wide to be the canal so it must be the River Severn ...
Mooring, but why on this side of the pontoon - it’s a private mooring!
It was a beautiful day as you can see and over the river to the left above we could see lock beams, could this be Hawford Lock?
We walked on a little way and came to this rather pretty bridge which was very, very dilapidated  and in parts you could see the water below!
… but the view was lovely!
We passed Northwick Manor through the trees ...

… and the tumbling water over the weir ...
… but it wasn’t Hawford Lock at all!
Never mind it was a great walk and we can continue to look another day!


  1. When we went by car to find Hawford Lock, before the Droitwich Canal was re-opened, we went down Hawford Lock Lane. However, there are houses between the road and the lock, and they don't take kindly to people trying to get through their gardens! I wonder whether your best bet is to find the place where the A449 crosses the canal, and see if you can get down to the towpath. That puts you on the other side of the canal from the houses. It must be accessible somehow, because at the next lock up there are information boards, etc.

    1. Thanks for that Adam, we’ll give it a try … watch this space!

  2. Hi there

    See my website with details of how to get to the lock! Basically, you ignore the sign at the end of Lock Lane saying "Private" - that applies to vehicles only - there is a public footpath straight down that leads to the end of the Barge Canal and Lock 1..

    Try this URL:

    Lots of pictures about the restored Droitwich Canals there and other info!


    Peter Lee

    1. Thanks for the info Peter - very interesting.