Sunday, 22 December 2013

Just before Christmas

The sky over Droitwich Marina ...
… just before 7 on Winter Solstice morning.

Later that morning there was a knock on the boat, it was Jennie from nb Tentatrice calling to say hello.  It was lovely to meet you Jennie, next time perhaps there’ll be time to sit with a cuppa and chat!

 Lovely company over a good meal in a great pub this lunch time
Ann and Kev (new owners of Rock ’n’ Roll), George, Molly and I at The Chequers Country Pub and Restaurant.  Hope the drive back to Hull wasn’t too bad, thanks for calling in, we’ll see you again soon.


  1. It was good to meet you Carole and yes, next time a cuppa would be great. Glad you had a good meal out - have you found The Gardiner's Arms yet? A very quirky place, but dogs welcome, the food is good and the prices are excellent! I just a bit of a read and see you were trying to find Hawford Lock without success. We have a book called The Droitwich Canals published by the Droitwich Canals Trust. I have found this at Amazon - Ours only cost £7 new, so a bit pricey, but it shows you what it looks like! I will try to remember to bring ours a long next time we visit Tentatrice. If you are looking for things to do in the area - have you been to Avoncroft Museum? Another quirky place, but we love it and they have all sorts of things going on. This is a link to the forthcoming events -

    In the meantime I hope you both have a lovely Christmas. Off to see how the new boat is coming along! Jennie

  2. Thanks for the info Jennie - see you soon then!

  3. Have a great Christmas and New Year Carol and George, Many Thanks for your message, Look forward to seeing you in 2014 for longer next time! and the New Boat. Best Wishes James and Doug xx