Thursday, 5 December 2013

By the water ...

… a different water …
It was a boat build free day on Tuesday as I’d got a doctor’s appointment so it was an early start for us, it’s a nearly 3-hour journey to Dolgellau in the Snowdonia National Park

We took the same road that Elaine and Paul took a few weeks ago in their motorhome.  The A458 heading toward the A470 junction has a large, tight horseshoe bend over a rather deep ravine with the Afon Clywddon flowing through.  The road on the bends is also extremely narrow, has two-way traffic but no white lines.  The Highways Dept has at last decided to reinforce the roads edge on the ‘drop’ side.  The tightness of the bend can easily catch-out the visiting motorist and having travelled this road hundreds of times it was good to see that it was being maintained.
Below are a few of the wonderful views as we tuned onto the A 470 towards Dinas Mawddwy through  the Aranau Range and the highest road pass in Wales. (taken through the car window)

The highest point
… and down the other side towards Dolgellau.  
As always when we revisit the area we lived in for 18 years before embarking onto the canals our first stop was to be the beach ...
Our old home Rose Cottage still looks good
Barmouth Railway Bridge built in 1867 crosses the Mawddach Estuary
 Here on Fairbourne beach looking over the Mawddach Estuary to Barmouth where Elaine and Paul would have been when taking their picture (in the link) 
 Molly having fun on Fairbourne Beach with Cadair Idris with its head in the clouds beyond
 Looking south towards Aberdovy ...
… and north towards Criccieth.
After meeting up with the best neighbours in the world Bill and Margaret at their home we set of for my GP appointment which went well but it was already dark when we left Dolgellau ...
… arriving back in Droitwich Spa at 8pm.


  1. It is truly a most beautiful part of the world
    Paul x

  2. Hi, looks like a full day. Hope all went well at the doctors. Did you go passed mum's? Speak soon. Xxxx

    1. Hi Sandra, yes we did - it looked very small! There was a poly-tunnel in the garden so it looks as if someone is in there for the long haul - perhaps Dr Allen has sold it. xx

  3. It's lovely to visit old memories, it was good to see those photo's. Enjoying your boat building story on Wide Beam - Still Rockin Blog, love to both of you xxx

    1. Hi Garry, glad you’re watching the progress on Still Rockin’ it really is coming on quickly but the launch in April 14 seems a long way away at the moment! Love to you and Sue and the boys, been following Sue’s family visit and your trip to Sidney with them. Looks lovely. xx