Wednesday, 22 May 2013

A better view!

Joyce was one of the volunteers on Sunday to take horse drawn boat Maria from Slaithwaite to Huddersfield - these photographs are all hers - and they are amazing - apologies though that most contain me!
The lock that soaked me!

Notice the mast on the top plank - this holds the towing line to Bilbo the boat horse.  I would have been heading into a lock here as I am getting the ‘stop’ rope out to throw to Joyce who will slow the boat down to a stop once in the lock.  You may also notice that the bruise on my cheek is glowing!

Nigel on lock gate closing duties


A bridle has been attached to the bow of Maria and Bilbo’s towing line thread through it - this is so that he can ‘tug’ the boat on the sharp bend into and out of the very narrow Golcar Aqueduct.

Could have been 100 years ago!

The lock gates say ...

… say it all!

Emerging from Bates Tunnel of the tunnel of pipes into the narrowest section of canal that we’ve ever encountered at the end of a long, tiring but exciting journey.
Thanks Joyce!

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