Saturday, 4 May 2013

A gloriously sunny day … but ...

Ran out of internet access time on Thursday whilst trying to publish this post but now we’re up and running again …

 Late(ish) start this morning - had a lie-in after the exhausting day yesterday - 10:30 and we’re ready ….

… for Scout Tunnel just 205 yards long and most of it hewn out of the rock - fantastic!  I suppose Standedge  Tunnel will be like this but a tad longer!

Scout Tunnel date stone - 1875

Whitehead’s Lock the first of just 3 today

Looking towards Mossley Brow from Egmont Street Bridge (92) ...

… which is very low on the southern portal

From Wharf Cottage Lock (13) - I think that’s St John’s Church at Quickwood up there on the hill
There are some rather nice local mellow stone build houses by the lock trying to emulate the much older terraces.  I wonder how long it will take for that stone to ‘weather'

 Woodend Lock last one today (a very short day indeed) where we meet the only other boat we saw moving that day

Looking back at the old mill building at the lock side.  It appears to now to be a multi-purpose building - small industry, tearooms, apartments, etc.
We took Sue and Ken’s advice nb Cleddau and moored up below Roaches Lock (15) and went for a walk in the sunshine.

 Bridge over the River Tame which has run alongside the canal for a few days now

A very small sign on the offside of Roachers Lock - far too small for anyone to read unless they were in a boat with a full lock!

Our first ducklings this year
 Rock n Roll!!

Some lovely walks ...

… round here

A thirsty Molly drinking from the river

… and the weather station - 35.2 degrees on the roof.

It was a fantastic day on Thursday, good cruising in the sunshine, no real problems … and here comes the ‘but’ … there are two pubs here - one welcomes dogs but doesn't do food (Tolmache Arms) and the other doesn’t do dogs but does food (Roachers Lock) so we ate at home!

A good day!


  1. " I suppose Standedge Tunnel will be like this but a tad longer!"
    Nothing prepares you for the Standedge! The shear scale (length and the lack of width) and the variation in lining and roof is astounding. Our CART guides had fantastic knowledge of the tunnel and its history. The Saddleworth Museum in Uppermill is well worth a visit.
    Ken & Sue nb Cleddau

    1. I’m hoping that George will be able to remember lots of information from the guide as we do Standedge - I’m not a lover of tunnels and will be inside with Molly. Saddleworth Museum is on our list for today.

  2. Sorry if I've got you undue attention but I suggested the new CaRT CEO read your blog. Picked up by narrowboatworld under a welcome to Richard on latest additions.

    1. Thanks for that! Not noticed any undue attention yet!