Wednesday, 5 December 2012

And yet another one ….

… Grand Day that is!

An early start - ready to go at half past eight at the south portal of the Harecastle Tunnel ...

… the sun is just coming up but the moon is still in the sky ...

… 9 o'clock and we’re in ...

… and 35 minutes later we’re out again!

C & R T offices at Red Bull are getting a makeover

Most of the locks on our cruise today are paired but this one hasn’t been in operation for a good while - it’s got a tree growing in it!

A Kestrel?

Mow Cop in the far distance  

Number 7 above Thurlwood Lock - check out the link!

What a glorious day but by this time (half one) the arctic wind felt as if it was slicing through my face whilst at the helm of Rock n Roll

We arrived at our mooring at Hassall Green just after 2pm ...

… and watched the sun going down at 15:30…

… behind the towpath vegetation.

It was another grand day, lots of sunshine but a bitter wind; George was taking layers off as he ‘warmed up’ - he walked the whole 5 miles from Harecastle Tunnel to our mooring operating the 15 locks dropping us down by 137 feet!  I was at the helm for the cruise wearing so many layers I dread to think what I looked like - George told me I reminded him of Joan of Ark going into battle (??!!!) and ‘popping to the loo’ was a logistical nightmare!!

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