Monday, 10 December 2012

A long cruise ...

… it wasn’t!!  We’ve moved just under the next bridge because on Saturday and Sunday mornings when we drew the curtains on Rock n Roll there was fresh dog poo outside and we were sick of it, this morning though it’s ok so far.  Why do dog owners allow it - if I catch anyone I won’t be able to hold my tongue.

 We’re currently moored opposite NB Elizabeth

 Believed to have been built circa 1860 Elizabeth started life as an unnamed 70’ horse-drawn cargo vessel on the Birmingham Navigations, her final job was carrying coal from Neachells to Saltney for FMC’s long haul steam boats.

Her cabin is mahogany and her hull was originally made entirely of riveted iron but later work used riveted and welded steel

In 1928 she was sold by FMC to Robert Teal of Newport and used for carrying gravel on the Kelham (?) cut until it was deep enough to take larger boats such as Trent Barges until …

 around 1935 when she finished her commercial services and was taken to Warren’s Shipyard in New Holland where she was shortened to 61’9” and the original horseboat stern removed.  Propulsion was by sail and engine from 1936.

In 1938 modifications were done underwater to a more conventional narrow boat counter and a more powerful engine installed.

In 1966 Elizabeth was purchased by it’s current owners (correct at 2009) as a houseboat and their first home.  Apparently the saloon and living quarters have been kept to a 1930’s style and has two central heating systems, one running off waste engine heat and both designed in 1936.

I would love to have a peek!

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