Friday, 7 December 2012

A blue day

Yesterday we were iced in at our mooring at Hassall Green Lock 57 and we did wonder if we would be able to move today but the rain came - and did it come down - all evening and all night

… but at least the canal was ice-free this morning as we set off

The sky and water was so blue but I was glad that that sun was not shining in my eyes!

Looks like a lake in the distance, but it could be flood water

Coming into the industrial part of Middlewich

… but on the other side of the canal it’s beautiful open countryside

Middlewich is an important centre for the extraction of salt

An impressive lock house at Rumps Lock

I wondered what those gathering clouds were carrying as I waited for George to set Kings Lock for me

It has been very windy today and I was having trouble keeping Rock n Roll on the straight and narrow!

 Kings Lock Chandlery - not the easiest place to get into for fuel - once the tanks were full we turned left through the arch into ...

Wardle Lock on what has been claimed to be the shortest canal in the country at 100 yards.  We’ve moored up just past that blue CRT boat under the bridge in the picture above and will stay here for the weekend at least.

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