Thursday, 28 June 2012


Geoff decided that it was time to cut and run - BW contractors were approaching along the towpath with mowers and strimmers!
Although I thought that the plan was to move on tomorrow I did eventually agree that we should follow - so ...
11:20 we’re at Kiddlington Green Lock
 Not a concern for us as I wait in Duke’s Lock - we’re not going down the Oxford Canal ...
 Traffic is busy on the flyover
No warnings regarding the river today at Duke’s Bridge
 Waiting for Duke’s Cut Lock to be ready ...
 ... where I was really surprised that we went up!
 That’s a right turn then ...
 ... and we’re on the Thames!
 Right again at the weir ...
 ... where the cormorants were sunning themselves
We soon caught up with Seyella just past Hagley Pool and moored abreast - chairs out and a celebratory glass of vino.  Cheers - we’ve made it!

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