Monday, 18 June 2012

A Great Day!

The pack walk yesterday afternoon took us through the lower reaches of Napton Village where we turned left here into Howcombe Lane ...
Past Napton Chrisadelphian Meeting Room - looking on the web I can’t find any more information about this religious community other than what it states on this notice.
We continued up the hill to the windmill, over the style and back down the other side back to the canal.

This morning we continued our way south on the Oxford Canal; it looks as if it may be a nice day, it’s quite warm already ...
Meg waiting for the off ...
... as we leave Napton behind us.
Water Buffaloes?
Geoff and Mags have caught us up as I ascend Lock 15 at Marston Dole ...
... where soon after we watched this herd come down to the water to watch us go by!
There are lots of pill-boxes along this canal
This group of young canoeists joined the canal at Napton top lock and passed us by but we caught up with them once again as they stopped for lunch - they’re from Abingdon school and their journey today is to Cropredy - quite a feat indeed!
Wonderful countryside and just ...
... look at that sky ...
... absolutely fantastic ... and it’s hot, hot, hot!
Lunch time for the Fountain workers.
We (George and I) love this stretch of the Oxford Canal, it meanders along the contour of the land sweeping around huge bends and then back on themselves again - it’s really beautiful, so ...
... there is no way at all that I can imagine the sight and noise that this monstrosity will create through such a peaceful setting - and all to save someone (?) 14 minutes on a train journey - what a complete waste.
14:45 and we’ve reached our destination for tonight between bridges 129/130 but we can still see the sails of that windmill on Napton Hill gleaming in the lovely warm sunshine.
And after tea and cake on the towpath what better way to finish a great day - a very tasty BBQ!
Can’t do better than that!

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  1. Those bangers look good - one of the things we miss living abroad. You simply can't get a decent banger! HS2 is total lunacy. Especially given the general state of UK railways and rail travel. The speed will be something you don't really crave on an NB on the cut!