Tuesday, 21 January 2014

In the meantime ....

...  away from Still Rockin’ ... life continues back on board Rock ’n’ Roll ...

... the cassette toilet is in and varnished.  The fit has not allowed for a door so Stuart has made a sliding hatch that works perfectly.

 Mark and Becky on the next pontoon had spoken to us about ‘George’ who visits for bread, and for the past few days these two have been visiting us so we’ve named them George and Mildred.  If we’re not in the galley they’ll walk up and down the pontoon looking for us in each window and giving us a knock - cheeky beggars!
As in lots of areas throughout the UK it was beautiful here in Droitwich on Sunday and whilst George was busy I took Molly for a walk along the canal towards the town.

This is lock 7 and to the right of the picture is the weir which flows into the River Salwarpe and at the bottom of this lock the canal joins the river which was unnavigable as the level was well into  the red board.  You may just be able to see the bridge beyond the lock under which it was flooded to about 12” - time to turn back me thinks.

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