Tuesday, 28 January 2014

Around the marina

When I first saw this impressive building from the top locks of the Droitwich Canal I thought it must be Hanbury Hall but on further investigation realise that it’s actually Hadzor Hall. 
It’s a private house built by English architect Mathew Habershon in 1827 for a Mr Howard Galton and the address of the newer houses you can see is Habershon Court, Galton Way, Hadzor! 
The empty side pond at lock 2.  C&RT have been monitoring the flow of water from the locks into the river Salwarpe during the heavy rains we’ve had recently.
There’s Rock ’n’ Roll down there in Droitwich Spa Marina
Looking up toward Droitwich Top Lock ...
... and its rather grand new ‘shed'
Looking down the 3 locks towards the town of Droitwich about a mile away
Droitwich Spa Marina - our mooring is at the far end on the right.
A murmuration of starlings above the marina.


  1. Doh, didn't know y you were moored there. We were up yesterday for the launching of the latest Sandhills boat (Smiffbob). Can't wait to see your new one finished, very exciting!

  2. Hi Debbie and James,

    George was walking the dog just after the boat was put into the water, he came back and said that there was a crowd of people there who’d been watching the launch. Sorry to have missed you, if you’re this way again please call in.