Friday, 2 July 2010

Lazy Days

Lazy days ..... that's what most days are whilst George is at work.
Baring just a few showers (the very occassional heavy one) the weather has been glorious;
sometimes too hot indeed for me.
We've had quite a few misty mornings which turned into beautiful days
the picture above and the one below were taken at 05:13 on 16th July after the alarm had gone off
and these two at 06:25 just after George had left for work
it's been very relaxing sitting in the 'conservatory' (under the pram hood) and watching the world go by
especially the graceful silent swans gliding by, this on also taken on 16/6 in the evening at nearly 9 pm
visiting friends in the area on 19th June - best mates for nigh-on 45 years!
on 23rd June  I decided I didn't want to cook so when George came home we set out for the *Sportsman's in Tattenhall village as we'd had very nice steaks there on the evening we arrived here; unfortunately they had been so busy with meals and BBQ during the day (England playing) that the chef had gone home and they would not be doing meals that evening! 
(*no specific link to the pub, but this looks a good walk if the weather is dry)
Thoroughly disappointed we decided to find the Pheasant Inn at Higher Burwardsley which lies on part of the Sandstone Trail and we're glad we did! It was a lovely evening and the views over the Cheshire countryside were breathtaking (the picture doesn't do it justice taken into the setting sun on my phone camera).

When possible we've been out of the marina at weekends either staying over on Saturday night or just for the day on Sunday
a very close-up of Beeston Castle taken from below Wharton Lock
on the evening of 26th June
and one of Peckforton Castle too... of course!

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  1. Absolutely beautiful photo's so early in the morning, worth waking up for, as long as you can go bed afterwards!!!!