Tuesday, 6 July 2010

Diamond Wedding Celebration

 No, not ours (although we've only another 18 to go though)!
This was the 60th wedding anniversay of Auntie Win (my late Mum's sister) and Uncle Ted (my godfather)
the happy couple
anniversary cake - and a greeting card from the Queen
this really is 'Royal Mail'
the Queen's message

60 YEARS AGO - 17th JUNE 1950
(these are photo's of photo's)
they are so beautiful
the wedding guests - that's me in Dad's arms on the right (about 18 months old)
my older twin brothers are Garry held by Auntie Doris on the left of the picture and Alan, if you look very closely his little face can be seen just below where the left arm of the archway meets the wall
the table settings were a delight
there was even time for a quick rock n roll with Uncle Ted
Win and Ted with some of the original grown-ups at their wedding
the cutting of another cake
I wonder what he's saying to Win? It's certainly made her smile!
there was hardly a dry eye in the room when Ted finished singing 'If you were the only girl in the world'
a rare photo of me and George
It was lovely to meet up with our cousins Lynne, Susan and Pauline
and all their sons - and Kate - and Win and Ted's great grandson Beck.


  1. Hi Carol & George

    Lovely to hear from you and to see your lovely early morming pictures plus the 60th wedding pics.

    The scenery on the Rochdale has got better and better, unfortunately we are now stuck at Hebden Bridge as the locks at Sowerby Bridge are closed because of low water. Still worse places to be stuck and at the moment we have Kim & John with us to keep us amused. Also will now have time to catch up on blog.

    Hope to see you soon

    Mac, Jacquie and Duggie

  2. Hi all, I hope that you're not too far from essential services! Have fun.