Tuesday, 22 June 2010

Regal and not-so-regal at Tattenhall

These photos were taken the day we arrived 21st May at just after 9pm
there was one hell of a commotion behind RnR and I grabbed my camera and rushed onto the stern deck to see this swan trying to lift off    ... because ...
he was being intimidated by this one - he was pushing himself through the water in an extrememly aggresive manor with his wings wide and his head tucked into his chest ....

... he very quickly caught him up making him rise in the water with wings flapping trying to get away
... but the agressive one was still on his tail, this went on for quite some time
and has happened a few time since.
One of the swans when being chased like this tried to lift off over our pontoon but didn't see the electric/water point, he hit it full on and broke it, the swan was not hurt and a few days later the same thing seemed to be happening again, he appeared to be going to go over the pontoon (in exactly the same place) but changed his mind and actually went under it and it's only about 18inches above the water!!

in contrast ..... these photos were taken at 06:25 on 24th May
the swans were much more regal, it was such a pleasure to watch them gliding on the water. 

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