Thursday, 17 June 2010

Blogger Updated Editor not working

Over the past week or so I have blamed the fact that 'create post' would not load on a poor internet signal, then yesterday I noticed that at the bottom of the window whilst the uploading icon is in view, it says 'Done, but with errors'. It took hours to find help on Blogger but I eventually managed to report the fault; there had been the same problem in April this year but it stated that it had been fixed.

The solution has been to revert to the 'old editor' which I have done, but hey, it is soooo slow having to put the pictures on in reverse order as it such an ordeal to keep moving them up and down this small window. So .... please bear with me, hopefully normal service will resume soon!


  1. Hi Carol,

    Try downloading Windows Live Writer instead to create posts - I got totally fed up with the Blogger one. You can do more with WLW too, no need for piccies to go on in reverse order (I remember it well) & it's never lost a post yet. It even allows you to save a backup copy of each post on your comp. I enabled this (for insurance purposes!) Never needed to resort to that yet... Good luck!


  2. thanks Heather,I've just downloaded Windows Live Writer but when I try to open it from the start menu it tells me that it is unavailable but when I try to download it again it says that it's already on my computer! I can't find a way to contact them as it will not allow me to sign in - any ideas please?